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Life is but a dream

One of the easiest ways for us to find answers to our life questions is to look for meaning in the seemingly happenstance moments that life presents. If a person looks for an answer, they are simply going to find one. Even if they find out that nothing about their life has meaning, they’ve discovered some pretty important information. The question is not whether they will find an answer, but rather, is it the right one? That part is a bit trickier.

“How do I begin?”, we ask. I guess I will begin by asking what matters, or in this case, what is matter?
Matter is created by energy. Matter is atoms that never touch. Matter is tension and attraction. We'll just say it's the stuff in your life which you perceive to be real.

If matter is created by energy, what is energy?
Your thoughts.
Life force.
All these concepts can get rather ambiguous and they really do have vast properties. Yet Spirit has given us a map to navigate the abstracts of life through the symbols that so many objects represent.

Symbols permeate everything. Most of the absolutely basic, primal, Universal symbols were created before humans even came to be. They were our stepping stones and signposts made for us by Spirit to offer up clues to the most basic question. Every human who has found a way to quiet the din of distraction and ego in their mind is faced with the one question they were born to ask:

What does it mean?

And what does it mean? And how do we figure that out? The answers are hiding in plain sight and the riddle is that the questioner needs to figure out how to become the receptor of them. Just put your antennae up. Look around and observe the events unfolding in front of you. What is happening? What thing/event has repeated itself to you, as if to draw your attention? What if you were dreaming these events? What would the dream interpretation be?

The thing is, not every crow you see is an omen-an omen specifically meaning a prophetic sign. A crow can simply be a crow-a bird flying by going about its business. But can a car accident just be a car accident, with no other implications? I don’t think so. It’s too visceral. It's too in-your-face to ignore. One sees a crow almost every day, but car accidents are rather rare. Instead of asking ‘why me?’ the better question is to ask, “what is the meaning?”. And how to find that meaning once you ask? Well, it takes a little intuition, and perhaps a good dream interpretation book that has some real merit. Not all dream books are at a high level. For example, some still think Freud was the only one who had the answers. Others before and after him knew a thing or two as well. Native Americans, ancient Greeks, Celtic pagans, Carl Jung, all understood that sometimes a cloud was not just a cloud. Maybe it was a stormy cloud that reflected the angry warring between tribes. Maybe it was super clear over a desert that reflected one’s inner thoughts of extreme clarity. Maybe it was circling a summit that showed how everyone’s attention and thoughts were focused in aspirational unity. (clouds reflect/symbolize thoughts). The secret is to simply start searching for meaning. You will find something, and time will help you realize if you made the right assessment.

I have a funny story that puts this approach into practice. It's about a wasp hive that decided to move in by my main outdoor faucet. I pretty much watered my garden everyday, and often had to extend my hand and wrist right into a swarm of 4-5 wasps to turn on the faucet. I had been actively interpreting my life as ‘but a dream’ for quite awhile and decided that the wasps were there that represented and reflected my own anger issues. I was having trouble managing my temper at my job and was trying furtively to crack the riddle on how to finally rid myself of this annoying personality trait. I thought that living peacefully with the wasps and doing them no harm was a perfect way to soothe my own inner hornet’s nest that stung others mercilessly. The problem was, I was completing misinterpreting Spirit’s message. This nest was attached to my house--it was the wall to the basement to be exact. I knew before that summer ever started that a house is the workings of one’s mind in DreamSpeak. It represents our own construct of belief systems and psyche. The furniture are the beliefs themselves. The attic is our higher ideals, the main area our everyday Egoland, our basement our deepest core psyche. We have bathrooms where we ‘let go’ of the waste-or keep it in. And we have kitchens with full refrigerators of food for thought to be eaten or wasted or frozen into neglect or immobility. I housed those angry wasps. Did they ever hurt me? Of course not. I was one of them! I was in perfect harmony with those wasps. I was protecting them, for goodness sake. Well, eventually Fall arrived with a cold snap. I soon discovered that the outdoor faucet pipe was actually wide open and uninsulated as it traveled in through the exterior wall into the house basement. As the cold descended outside, the wasps moved deeper into my basement. I came home from work one day to dozens and dozens of swarming wasps in my home. I sprayed them all dead, putting significant amounts of poison into my own home, then shut the basement door to the massacre. When I opened it again after it was safe, there were dead bees everywhere. It was a classic case of how hard it can be to be human. I was so sure my lesson was to live peacefully with the wasps of my anger, when the truth is, they were there to be annihilated. And if I had done that earlier in the lesson, there would have been less to have died. Instead I let them thrive, flourish, and multiply under my care. I imagine there are a few Buddhists out there reading this saying "No, no, no. You should have found a way to move them and keep them all alive." And you know what? Maybe that would have been your symbol and your lesson. But Spirit doesn’t make things so cut and dry and monotone. We weren’t all meant to have the same experiences and religions. There are many paths to Truth and Love on Earth. I would argue there are as many paths as there are souls born human. My lesson was actually that I needed to metaphorically slay my anger and get it out of my basement once and for all.
I’m happy to report that eventually, a few years later, I did.

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