Basic ordering info

I'm sorry, but sky-rocketing gold prices have made me unable to offer wholesale purchases.

Ordering is fairly easy here. It's just a little different because your piece virtually always is made after the order is placed. If you'd like a chrysalis, just go directly to the chrysalis page and the links will lead you through the process. The shopping cart at some point asks you if you'd like to pay through credit card or Paypal or 'other' and then turns into a SSL site (https). It is regular http until you are about to enter your credit card. My turn-around is about 2 weeks or less. At Christmastime I make sure you get your package in time.

A FAQ is why don't I make a backstock of work. The answer is if I don't have a job on my to-do list, ideally with a deadline, I'm off doing other stuff. It takes a person with a heck of a lot more discipline than me to sit and make extra.

If you'd like to pay by check, that is absolutely fine. I can send you a PDF invoice with my address.


If you'd like something from the catalog page, click on the text below the image and there should be an order button made on the page that pops up. I am still in the process of getting those done, so...

Items in my catalog and my chrysalis page will have purchasing buttons for you to use. Please be aware-unless noted, everything is made to order and DOES NOT MATCH the picture shown. It's going to end up pretty darn close though. I wouldn't post it in the catalog if I weren't easily able to make another.
What that will mean is I will be making a close replica of that piece for you, not that actual piece.
The only time you will get exactly what is pictured is if I specifically call it 'one of a kind' (OOAK) and it has an order button.
There are also pieces pictured on my portfolio page that are simply there to showcase my work and are not available. They will say 'not for sale' (NFS).

My ordering buttons are the same for both credit card and Paypal. You simply choose your preferred method at the end of the form.


It is highly unlikely I will be able to take on any custom orders whatsoever. Sometimes someone will simply ask for a piece done with a slight modification, like an extra flower for example, and that should be fine. Drop me an e-mail and we'll talk!

I have many items in my gallery that are NFS, or not for sale. Oftentimes it is because they are so one of a kind, I am unable to replicate them. If you really really want me to try, I will consider it a custom order and we can go from there.




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