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Integrity-Exercise Your Demons

Part 1

"With my luck, I'll get a flat tire on my way to the party"
"There's no such thing as true love. (insert name) is good enough."
"Gee. Must be nice to live like they do."</dripping jealousy>

Cue all our guides and helpers in the realm of spirit scrambling to mitigate the damage we do to ourselves over and over again. They say elections have consequences. Well, so do belief systems. Every day we cast our vote again and again on how we're going to respond to a situation. Sometimes, when the sun rose early, and the dew smells sweet, and the over-easy free-range eggs didn't break during the flip, we are a bit more optimistic; we're a bit more willing to look at things in a positive slant.
Other times? We self-sabotage every last glimmer of hope in our lives.

Obvious Truth:
Emotions are like stormy weather and can really &^%$ up your day.

We have underlying beliefs that flesh out and add muscles to the bones of our Being. Our emotions make those metaphorical muscles move. And what is the core, the bones of who we are? Well, everyone has a different answer to that question but my answer is your mettle, or your deep conscious. It's the primal, basic, non-negotiable standards you have within you of which you draw upon in extreme times. It's part of your integrity. One of my core beliefs, that I may never be able to change, is that God is the face of change. I believe that the Infinite is a moving, dynamic force, impossible to define and therefore as long as I am in human form, I will never truly know it. This is a very deep belief that drives me to explore all sorts of paths. It's a belief that actually allows me to be extremely malleable with all other ideas about who/what a Creator is. I like to believe that it's a healthy belief that fleshes out an impossible to shake faith and it makes me pretty happy. I am also willing to accept that belief could be entirely false.
Yet as long as I believe it at such a powerful level, it will always be true from my perception.

A more often-seen belief is something that's not at all flexible. Here's a good one: Money is the root of all evil.
There's a good belief to guarantee a lifetime of never quite having enough to get out of a hole. ("Oh no. We just paid off the credit card, and now the furnace died!"). How does one get rid of a belief like that? Those beliefs stick around, even when we know in our minds they sabotage our goals. It could be something we've felt was true from very young, or it even could be a crossover belief from a previous life. We have years of life experiences and family experiences in particular that have become ingrained. A somewhat harsh, yet fair example is how we deal with our children when they're being especially rebellious. One could choose to react with patience and stoic wisdom, and in fact that may be exactly how they believe they should react, yet instead they find themselves yelling, demeaning, and even hitting the child.

Oftentimes conflicting beliefs overlap. The one fueled with the most emotional baggage always wins.

Some beliefs really can be tough to shake, but you've got others that can be adjusted just as easily, as if you were changing your clothes style. The lighter beliefs are a good way to work into changing the deeper ones that you know aren't helping you. An example of a light belief is something like, "Hmmm. I thought all gays/blondes/artists/postal workers/clowns were vicious/stuck-up/idiots/weird. The ones I just met were really cool." A person can easily change an uneducated belief around by being mindful of their own thoughts and correcting them when they bubble up. It goes something like this:
"Oh yeah. [say the thoughts inside head] I noticed I am starting to assume this gay/blonde/artist/postal worker/clown is vicious/stuck-up/idiots/weird. What am I doing? I don't believe that anymore. O.k. Do-over."

Beliefs are conceptual thoughts formed into words and glued together with emotion. Your beliefs are a mainstay for how your reality functions. In order to not be inadvertently sabotaged by a stray belief, we need to make sure we really have an understanding of what our core, unshakeable parts are and what parts may have been planted by nurture over nature. And then, we need to go even deeper, and make sure we didn't drag any past-life baggage into this one.

******How could a past-life belief conflict with our current one? Well, it has to do with the building blocks of beliefs themselves: Words.
They start early. Even before you can speak them. "Mama is nice." "The sun is lovely." Those are beliefs. Mamas aren't always nice (a travesty) and the sun isn't exactly lovely in a parched sahara when the breast is dry. We organize our beliefs with words and it is with words we can transform our reality. We must take care of how the words come out of our mouths. There are so many careless words thrown about. "God, I am so fat!" "There's never enough time/money to do that." "Nobody else gives a crap. Why should I?" We are literally our own worst enemies when we carve out such harsh words. They form our reality as sure as if we had cast a spell on ourselves.
This isn't an admonishment saying a person should never feel frustrated with their life, by the way. It's just that we have so many words at our disposal, yet we so often tend to choose ones that are (melo-)dramatically negative and absolute. If I were to rephrase the above examples, I could say, "Man, I am so ready to be lighter." "Yeah, I am grateful I have what I have, but I deserve even more." "People have got to start to realize how important this is. I am going to show them why if it's the last thing I do."
When a person begins to experience the power of their words, they will change how their day to day unfolds. It's as ridiculously simple as that. What's not as simple is trying to remember to be alert to the 100's of sentences that leave your mouth each day. And then, even more complicated, is adding in the thousands of thoughts you have as well.
Wait a minute....thoughts?
Why should your thoughts matter too? Well. What's really the difference of whether you say it or think it? The one who is bearing witness on your life isn't watching from the outside. And I'm not referring to some kind of creepy, spy-God who takes notes on all your private fetishes. I'm talking about the part of you who is the Epic You. The one who is already perfect and understands the game and sent a small part of itself down to earth to play. It's the real you and it most likely loves you more than you love your self. What if, in the end of all that has to do with your own personal life on earth, you come to find that the judge and jury there to await you on the other side is actually just you? That it's not the judgmental neighbours, or your parents, or even your true love, or your dead grandma. It's not a vindictive God who's ready to dole out punishments. It's actually a you who is so intune and a part of God that they understand why things went wrong and right. They understand and accept and love that it wasn't a perfect life. Lives never are, by the way and paradoxically, they all are perfect by allowing room for growth and mistakes.
This Epic You, this perfect and complete you, who's more than the sum of its parts, has been with you every breath of your life. They (Epic You) are already so in touch with the vibration of God that they could not even dream of separating their will with God's. So they sent you off to Earth to see how you would manage, with all your crappy ingrained baggage and inabilities to see your purpose. The beauty is, you could choose any step of the way to be in utter opposition to all the good that ever existed. You could choose to be evil. Indeed, we all know that some people choose just that. Yet what if you didn't? Or did and then fought for years to make amends? The life you are living right now is one of the most stunning and brilliant and thorough demonstrations of free will. What if humans were given a complete choice to be either good or evil while also being given the ability to manifest their choices? How would that all work out?
Well, you still get to decide that. What do you choose? And how do you want to create that reality?

You're going to need some words.

And you're going to need some integrity.

Definition of integrity [dictionary.com]
adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.
a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition: the integrity of a ship's hull.


Stay tuned for part two; how to exercise your demons.

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