Monarch Pendants

News: Hi all. The carts are open. About 7 day turn-around. Any special dates, please write to me at All shipping goes via Priority Mail which doesn't seem to be affected by the DeJoy postal sabotages. Gold prices have finally forced me to raise the price a titch. If you have an older email with our correspondence, send it to me and I will honor the old price. 

I'm right here on the other side of your computer ready to make you a gorgeous piece. Thank you so much!

International carts, except Canada, have been closed due to incompetence of US Customs. Overseas orders are taking a shocking amount of time. If you'd like an override, contact me at juderose22 at

For sale are solid glass chrysalis replicas with 24K gold dots, made as real to life as I can muster. The glass part measures between 15/16" and 1" tall. The price includes a 20" gold-fill chain and giftbox. I can assure you my customers are typically thrilled, and they look even better in person!

Note: When I receive an order for both the jade and the almost-born chrysalis, I send the jade on a 20" and the almost-born on a 24" chain. Then the recipient has the option of wearing both pieces at once. Neat.

Click here if you'd like to see many more pictures and angles of my artwork. May your day be filled with butterflies.

A lovely customer allowed me to share her glowing review. I hope it help alleviate any worries you may have going forward:

"Dear Jude, 

I just wanted you to know that I love my new necklaces. They are beautiful and I wear them almost everywhere I go. Consequently they draw a lot of attention and people just can’t believe how beautiful they are! You are truly an artist. I don’t know how you can work with glass in such tiny items. It’s funny, I don’t usually spend $275 as quickly as I did when I saw the chrysalis' on Facebook. Some of the best money I ever spent! Thank you again. Mary-Elin"

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Monarch chrysalis jewelry; Monarch chrysalis; butterfly jewelry Monarch chrysalis; Monarch chrysalis jewelry; butterfly jewelry

Chrysalis Earrings

Earrings by popular demand for those who never wear necklaces or those who want a pair to match their chrysalis pendant.

Now, I went back and forth for some time on the size for these. Sure, hypothetically one could just take a few of my life-size chrysalis and hang them from their ears. Some have, sometimes one of each version! But the chrysalis are solid glass and have some weight to them.

If you're like me and like an earring you can't feel, then you want this pair. Now, smaller isn't necessarily easier to make. In fact, most days I feel these tiny little devils are tougher, but I suffer so you don't have to. You'll see from the images below the earrings are a miniature version of the Monarch chrysalis you know and love. They are made of solid artisan glass and 24k gold and hang from a 14k high-quality gold-filled French wire. The glass itself measures 3/4"x 5/16". All earrings come with back rubber safeties and a gift box. Posts are available upon request, but I don't keep many in stock, so I may need more lead time. $150.00. Free shipping until December 13th.

Enjoy. Click to embiggen

Earring set $150.00

Monarch chrysalis earrings; Monarch chrysalis jewelry; butterfly jewelry Monarch chrysalis jewelry; Monarch chrysalis earrings; butterfly jewelry Monarch chrysalis jewelry; Monarch chrysalis earrings; butterfly jewelry Monarch chrysalis jewelry; Monarch chrysalis earrings; butterfly jewelry 

chrysalis jewelry

But Jude, I wear silver. Out of stock for the rest of 2021

I hear you. And came up with a solution. I found this beautiful silver leaf bail, put a nice, dark patina on it, then added a leather cord to create an elegant, contemporary look. The leaf bail is soldered shut around the chrysalis and is quite permanent, so please make your choice between the leather or the gold-filled chain wisely. One cannot just swap one necklace out for another if they change their mind. Please note there's a small price increase to somewhat account for the extra labor.

16" leather choker with a black patina silver bail and Monarch chrysalis pendant.

Monarch chrysalis jewelry; Monarch chrysalis necklace